Senior Java Developer

We are looking for experienced developers to join an ongoing project based on Java, Angular, Spring for a European client.

Prague & Brno, Czech Republic

About position

Work at blocshop

The work-life at Blocshop is not only about the number of lines of code, or production deployment.

We are huge coffee lovers so we tried to count the hectoliters of coffee we have drank since 2012.

Are you a developer & coffee lover, too? You might consider joining us.

What will you do?

  • Design, develop, deploy and operate a microservice architecture platform for corporate banking services with a focus on high availability, scalability, and low latency

  • Build and maintain cloud-ready services on top of Elastic Search, MQs and Oracle DBs and work with other software engineers, data analysts, and decision-makers, such as product owners, to build solutions and gain novel insights

  • Your contribution is not only high-quality code, as you are actively shaping the product and its technological landscape with your ideas

What you need to be a part of blocshop team?

  • 3+ years of experience working in a product-driven environment where you could identify yourself with the product

  • You understand the way Spring applications are written and you are familiar with the challenges that microservices bring

  • You are familiar with designing and building distributed and scalable systems on Kubernetes/OpenShift in a DevOps manner

  • You know and care about engineering practices like continuous delivery, defensive programming, and automated testing

  • Comfortable writing high-quality and easily maintainable code in a variety of styles (i.e. OO, FP)

  • You communicate easily in English

    Even if you don't meet all of the above but are ready to take on this challenge, go ahead and apply anyway. We love your spirit!

What will you get from working at blocshop?

  • Fast interview process: short intro talk with our recruiter, technical interview

  • An international team of motivated professionals with a passion for learning new technologies

  • The working schedule is flexible. Get work done when and where you're most productive!

  • 20 vacation days, excluding public holidays

  • Yearly performance-based bonuses

  • Competitive compensation and regular reviews

  • High-end laptops

  • Investment in the ongoing professional development

  • Access to sports facilities around the Czech Republic and workout sessions with a personal trainer

  • Centrally located office with all kinds of refreshments and a great nap room

  • Team buildings and hackathons

Our four stage recruitment process


Intro call

On a short 15-minute introduction call with our recruiter, you will discover the opportunities we have at the moment that match your skill set the best.


Technical interview

Professional interview with blocshop's lead architect. This is the important part. We want top software engineers on our team so this is your time to shine. Show us your expertise!


Meet the manager

If you are a junior developer we might ask you to meet the owner of blocshop or one of the hiring managers. This also involves a fun test that every one of our employees enjoyed taking. For senior professionals, we often skip this step.



We make you an offer. You accept it.

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