Blocshop is perfect for...


Corporate Innovation Lab

Realize your new digital product or business idea with Blocshop's Corporate Innovation Lab – we'll help you build an MVP in no time.


Hybrid ERP Integrations

Blocshop's hybrid ERP solutions are a perfect blend of on-premise and cloud-based functionalities. Ideal for businesses seeking a flexible, scalable, and interconnected enterprise resource planning solution.


.NET Business Application Development

Utilize Blocshop's experience in building .NET ERP systems and all kinds of .NET applications that seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365.

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Fintech Applications Development

Enhance your offerings thanks to Blocshop's tailored fintech app development, delivering secure, innovative, and easy-to-use fintech applications to your users.

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Open Banking API Development

We specialize in creating Open Banking APIs that offer flexibility, security, and compliance with regulatory standards, enabling a more interconnected financial ecosystem. 

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AI Integration and LLM API Enhancement

Utilize our experience in AI Integration and LLM API Enhancement. Hire an exceptional team of software developers from Blocshop to realize your unique business ideas.

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IT Staffing Solutions

Accelerate your project with our specialized software development teams, custom-matched to meet your specific needs and provide well-organized talent.

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Custom Software Development

Hire an exceptional team of professionals for your ideas.


What kind of applications can Blocshop build for you?

Blocshop has extensive experience in creating custom solutions for corporate clients such as Austrian Erste Bank, and Irish-based wealth management startup Argeau/Asora, and we have a long-standing development relationship with online appliance and electronics retailer, BCC in the Netherlands. Fintech software development, AI-powered e-commerce solutions, HR systems, online education apps - we've done it all.

Blocshop is renowned for delivering state-of-the-art software and apps to its clients through the use of cutting-edge technology. Our tech stack is comprised of Angular, Microsoft Azure, Ionic, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Progressive Web Apps, MongoDB, Java programming language, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft SQL Server, React, Net Core, and Open AI products. As the most suitable provider for your custom software development project, Blocshop combines the latest technology with expertise to deliver exceptional products to its clients.

Blocshop is more than familiar with working on complex business processes. We can draw on our development and implementation skills to work in any of the following areas:

E-commerce & retail

Online education

Fintech, traditional banking

Health & fitness

HR systems

Hospitality apps

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What’s the Blocshop process


Specify your Requirements

You tell us what you need, and we discuss what might work for your unique case. Once we understand your business, our team will create a document to specify your requirements. This design process is critical to making sure that you get what you want at the end of the project.


Finalize the Feature Plan

You review the project plan and make sure that our ideas meet with your expectations. We finalize milestones and deliverables and give you a final cost estimate.


Quality Assurance

Once the app has been coded, our team will test it on lots of devices, browsers, and do a thorough job of trying to break it! We want you to be sure that the custom application will be reliable and fully tested when you start using it.


Launch the App

Your custom web application is ready to work hard for your business. We will deliver and deploy the application and you can start using it.


Countinuous Maintenance

Part of the Blocshop commitment is that we will continue to maintain and fix your web application even after delivery. If something goes wrong, we’ll be there for you.

The journey to your custom software solution starts here.